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Met Haar Zonder Hem (With her/hair without him) is one of the few female improv groups in the Netherlands. We are on a mission to explore femininity both in the stories and characters as in our style of playing as a group. Our performance is often described as an harmonious, symbiotic collaboration. We deliberately dress up in our characteristic red dresses to underline the fact that we are women, and to enhance the picture on stage. Our scenes are often a game of balance and dis-balance between characters, alternating between uncomfortable emotions and perfect connection between people.

We play a mosaic of shorter scenes, between three and seven minutes each. Stories and thoughts from the audience around a topic or theme are the input for the scenes. It can lead to a song, poem or dance, to moving dialogues, and often to mocking ourselves or our persona towards ridiculous absurdity. Our inspirations are Toren C, Inside Amy Schumer and our own pathetic lives.

So, if you are a woman, or you know a woman, you may find our show relatable, perhaps inspiring, but most of the time very funny.